Paul McCartney's new album called "Kisses on the Bottom" came out this week, and not everyone is a fan of the title.

Country star Brad Paisley let some rapid fire tweets go on the subject this week, saying "It's like he's kidding. He's got to be kidding. Tell me he's changing the title back to the real one, right? Oh then how we'll laugh and laugh."

It's not a joke, but Paul does admit the record company was a little leary of the title. Paul likes it because it's mischievous.

"Kisses on the bottom" is a line from the song from "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter," which Paul sings on the album.

Watch for Sir Paul at the Grammys this weekend! And Brad Paisely too, for that matter. I'm sure the cameras will be watching to any exchange of pleasantries and jokes between the two.