When you read about the laws on the books of each State, you may come across some doozies.  For example, in South Dakota, you can't howl at a full moon, and in North Carolina, it is unlawful to bathe in a horse trough.

Here in Texas, "Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital" cannot hire physicians.  Now that's one wacky law.  Presently, the hospital is required to hire through an outside contractor, or recruit through incentives (whatever that means).  Talk about an unfair advantage with other hospitals!

Ah, but as dastardly and depressing as this may sound, there is gleaming light at the end of the tunnel (so cliche, I know).  Enter Texas representative Travis Clardy who championed a bill called "HB 1247".  It is expected to be signed by Governor Perry, and on September 1, this dinosaur will become extinct for good.