Shades of Charles Bronson's character in the "Death Wish" movies.  This time though, the good guy isn't whacking creeps on the street, but rather - fixing potholes on the street.

Ron Chane started his mission on Memorial Day, and has "asphalt-filled" at least 50 potholes in and around Jackson, Mississippi.  Try this in NYC, or Michigan, where the union rules the roost, and...well, Jimmy Hoffa is still MIA, isn't he?

He's been dubbed the "Pothole Patchman", which certainly sounds better than "pothead munchman", and after he fills the hole, he spray paints citizen fixed on the pavement.  Careful Ron, taggers, which are another name for graffiti artist (artists?  HA!), are not viewed favorably in the eyes of the law.

It should be noted that Chane did not make a run to Home Depot or Lowes to purchase asphalt.  He kinda borrowed it from other city locations, and this too, could have been heavily frowned upon by officials.

But in the end, he has made his case noteworthy, avoided fines and incarceration, and has the mayor of Jackson rethinking the infrastructure of Mississippi's Department of Transportation.