Have you ever had an uplifting, unexplained life experience, whereby, the under current of the event makes you an immediate believer of divine intervention.

I had mine in 2002, when after falling asleep at the wheel at 70 miles per hour, I awoken to what can only be described as a guardian angel, driving my car down the only off ramp on a 45 mile stretch of California highway.

I remember opening my eyes as if I had just knocked out a 15 minute "power nap".  Very relaxed, and quite subdued, as my speed slowly reduced to an uneventful stop.  How did my foot get from the gas pedal to the brake pedal?  I  know I didn't cheat death, but rather felt I was still needed alive to hang around here.

No pun intended when saying I received a life changing  --  WAKE-UP call.

And while it certainly does not maintain the dramatics of my spiritual uprising, a Lufkin third grader named Alexis Hodges, recently spoke to the "powers that be", and won a drawing for a brand new bicycle.

A rewards program that recognizes good grades, and perfect attendance at Anderson Elementary School, Alexis made it clear to other adults that she was going to be the benefactor of the bike because of her prayer devotion.

Do you know what she did after winning the prize?  She gave the bike to a "friend in need", although little Alexis, herself, has had an early life full of heartbreak.

You hear stories like these, and makes me wonder if taking God off coins, and removing it from the Pledge of Allegiance is really such a hot idea.