Anyone else ready for the NFL season to start?  Every time our favorite teams win a preseason game we're convinced our team is great and in good shape for the regular season.  If they lose a preseason game we say, "oh well, it's just the preseason!"

The games don't count, but it is fun to watch guys try to make the team and catch a glimpse of the team as it takes shape.

There is one experiment from the preseason that I hope the NFL decides to keep come September.

For the first two weeks of the preseason, the NFL has been experimenting with the 33-yard extra point, instead of the chip shot 20-yarder.  Kickers rarely miss an extra point from 20 yards, and it's so automatic that most people use those few moments after a touchdown for a bathroom break and to get a drink refill.  A few kickers have missed the longer extra-point this preseason, and the NFL is going to evaluate all that and decide whether to move the extra-point attempt back permanently.  Good idea?  I say go for it. Cowboys fans know Dan Bailey won't miss because he's just that good, and anything that makes it harder on Redskins, Giants, and Eagles kickers is just fine with us.

Who will be the Cowboys' big superstar this season?  I agree with USA Today when they say it's wide receiver Dez Bryant.  That probably also means Tony Romo will also have a good year, and that probably means the team will have a good year.  So go Dez.

The Cowboys play the Dolphins this Saturday in a preseason game and the Broncos on the 28th, and then it will be time for the regular season.  The first game that counts is September 7th against the 49ers.

The Texans are at the Broncos this Saturday, then home against the 49ers to wrap up the preseason.  The Redskins will be in Houston on September 7th to kick off the season.

Only a few more weeks!