While obtaining a college education today seems to cost more than running for political office, I was stunned to hear that recent high school diploma only grads searching for a job accounted for around 24% unemployment.

Conversely, a recent college grad only measured around 7% of this profile.

Now, you might think this story is about the national unemployment picture, or stats concerning the welfare of our potential leaders of the future, but the surprise topic is really on...

...the love affair between students and parties!

My third cousin's nephew on my dad's side attended San Diego State in California.  It took him seven years to get the "paper", and I think his degree was in ale management, as in beer tasting.  Kevin (that was his name) once told me, I believe it was in his last year, that there are over 250 varieties of light beer worldwide, and that he had sampled each one.  Since this was also his dissertation, he barely squeaked by with a grade of  "C".  Guess none of his professors wanted him back for year eight.

Then there is my sister's son's friend, who after not graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a five year hangover, has donned a cartoon character costume and patrols the guest walkways of an amusement park.  If you see "Snagglepuss" (see video) at the beer hut next time you visit Six Flags, just yell "yo Bobby".

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