Queen: Days of Our Lives, a BBC documentary about the legendary band's history that premiered earlier this year on UK television, will be released in the United States on DVD and Blu-ray on January 10.  The film, which was produced in celebration of the British rockers' 40th anniversary, is split into two hour-long parts -- the first focusing on 1970 to 1980, and the second covering 1980 to the present.

Days of Our Lives features new interviews with May and Taylor, as well as a bevy of rare and previously unseen footage of the group.

Both the DVD and Blu-ray boast an abundance of bonus features, including additional videos, and extended and extra interviews and documentary segments.  Among the bonuses are rare film of taken during Queen' tour of Japan, a sequence in which May discusses the making of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and a light-hearted segment featuring May and Taylor talking about the band's love of Scrabble.

The Days of Our Lives DVD runs 164 minutes and costs $14.98, while the Blu-ray features 221 minutes of footage and is priced at $19.98.