If you are an avid Q107 "Classic Rocker", you may have grown up despising DISCO.  Living through the era and spinning the sound on the AM dial, I'm just going to say it out loud in hopes we can still be friends:

I liked disco then, and I like disco now!

Maybe one day in the not too distant future, I'll post a photo of me circa 1978, wearing my stiff as a board polyester angel flight pants, a flowered shirt using only the last three buttons, so as to expose all of my two chest hairs!  Platform shoes with four inch heels, and the coup de gras, 57 chains dangling around my neck.  Yep, couldn't dance like Travolta, but sure as hell looked like him.

I met Donna Summer at a 'meet and greet' back in '85, feeling honored to attend.  She took the time, on a cold rainy night, to sign nine 45's and 2 albums brought with me to the session.  Now that she's gone, you won't find me hawking them on e-bay.  It wasn't that she just signed my record collection.  We sipped perrier and talked about "Back To The Future" (at the time, the movie was just released to big screen).  It may have been well passed the Studio 54 craze", but on this night, a legion of dedicated followers sang and dance like it was 1979.  A superb human being she was, with only the highest regard for her audience, and a passion for making incredible music that will never die.

Here's some rare Donna Summer footage with a do-wop twist recorded in 1980 for her 'Wanderer' LP:

I didn't even know she was ill.  Sure do hope she gets the same, more deserved credit, that was bestowed upon Whitney Houston following her untimely death.  The 'Queen of Disco', Donna Summer was 63 years old when she died yesterday from cancer.