Have you seen the new "Red Dawn" movie yet?  The original, or should I say classic, was presented to us nearly 30 years ago, back in 1984, and although it didn't get warm fuzzy's from the crtitics (basically a one star entry), it was believable through the solid acting of the young cast.

Patrick Swayze was the star that also featured Lea Thompson (Back To The Future), Charlie Sheen (Wall Street, Eight Men Out), and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) just to name a few.  Ahem..."A" List actors.

So the 2012 "Red Dawn" is now playing at a theater near you.  The movie that nobody was clamoring for, and I mean NOBODY!

What a waste of big screen space.  Special effects equivalent to a run-of-the-mill pyrotechnics show replace the physical strength of the cast members.  Swayze, Thompson, Sheen, Gray, and the rest, all played pivotal parts that exuded a real fear of their land being invaded and lives being threatened.

You can't blame the new breed of actors assigned to succeeding in this poor remake, because that's the way Hollywood, I mean "Glamourwood" works now.  First they hire "pretty people", then attempt to fine tune their acting careers.  One thing's for sure, if I ever take seriously ill, I want to end up in the "Lifetime Movie Network" hospital , where each Nurse on duty looks like she just pole danced before drawing blood.

"Cannon" looked like a private investigator, "Barnaby Jones" acted like a private investigator, the guys from "Emergency!" would have been welcomed at my place after calling the fire department, and I would have gladly gave an incident report to "Joe Friday" and "Bill Gannon".

The 1984 cast was outstanding.  They didn't appear to have been run out on the set moments after trimming facial hair, or applying make-up.  They looked and acted natural in their surroundings fighting a foreign enemy, and because they did, likely saved a so-so flick from the trash compactor.

The 2012 model on the other hand displays an incredible exaggeration of the plot.  I mean, were the actors just winding up a fashion show or beauty contest before all hell broke loose?  Oh, forgive me, the models were playing football.  Pathetic!

Spend the $7.00 if you must, but a dog with fleas needs lots of attention to eradicate the problem.  Here's both trailer's that show a stark contrast in believable drama, but you make up your own mind, then let me know (you can already see the "pretty people" without even hitting the Play button).

Watch the classic trailer from 1984: