It's their first album in five years.

The only time they'll play it live in concert in it's entirety, happens on the big screen.  In fact, on more than 900 theater screens simultaneously.  Texas included!
On Tuesday, August 30th, Red Hot Chili Peppers debut their new album "I'm With You" in concert, plus select greatest hits.  It will be captured live and broadcast to movie screens the same evening at 8pm in each time zone.  Then it's screened a second time Thursday, Sept 1st.

The Texas showings happen September 1st, with theaters in Dallas, Houston, and College Station showing the two-hour event. 


Cinemark 17 with IMAX

Galaxy Theater


AMC Willowbrook 24

Memorial City Mall

MarqE Stadium 22 plus IMAX


Hollywood USA-College Station

For more, hit the Chili Peppers' website.  Enjoy!