'They' say death within 'a circle' happens in three's.  First Donna Summer, then Robin Gibb, and now drummer Robert Nix.  Nix played with the "Candymen" (Roy Orbison's backing band) before he, Buddy Buie (Classics IV), Barry Bailey, Rodney Justo, Dean Daughtry, and Paul Goddard all got together, to form Atlanta Rhythm Section.

While their third album aptly titled, Third Annual Pipe Dream (1974) gave them Top 40 billing, it was A Rock and Roll Alternative in the bicentennial year, with "So Into You" peaking at #11, that made ARS truly famous, and in 1978, Champagne Jam's "Imaginary Lover" climbed to #7, putting the groups sound in its own plateau of great RHYTHM.

In addition to ARS, you can hear Nix on the drums of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone" track from Skynyrd's debut album:

Robert Nix was 67 years old when he died on May 20.