Both Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler have made comments in recent days about what might have killed Whitney Houston.

Of course no one knows for sure. Toxicology reports are pending, the investigation is ongoing, and no offiicial cause of death has been released.

But Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler have both mentioned recently that drug and alcohol addictions can be demons, and they relate Whitney's struggles to their own experience.

Alice Cooper believes a combination of drugs and alcohol claimed Whitney's life. He tells ABC News Radio, "She had everything. She had the look. She could act. Who doesn't love Whitney Houston? There was nothing in front of her to stop her. She had the golden ticket. And somehow the drugs spoke louder."

Cooper thinks the lifestyle and the surrouding enablers should get some of the blame. He says, "Sometimes what you have is you have a lifestyle where you're very protected and in the boundaries that you have, you're allowed to have anything that you want. And that's a pure prescription for killing yourself." Again, no official cause of death, but Whitney had a well-document battle with substance abuse.

Steven Tyler also made recent comments about Houston's death saying, “I can’t speak knowledgeably that she passed from that, but I know she’s had problem with her demons as I’ve had with myself, and she lost. This disease takes so many of us down. It’s a terrible thing.”

Houston's funeral will be Saturday in New Jersey.