There is a reason I fell in love with the "Heart" sisters back in the bicentennial (1976), and it wasn't because of their looks.  Well, maybe.

Getting their first big break by opening up for Rod Stewart one year earlier in Montreal, Ann and Nancy Wilson burst upon the music scene with three top hits from their debut album "Dreamboat Annie" (Magic Man, Dreamboat Annie, Crazy On You).

That got me and the buds to back-to-back "Heart" concerts in '77, paying a whopping $12.50 each for 10th row seats.

Ann Wilson's voice reminds me a bit of Janis Joplin, and Nancy Wilson's guitar flair send Peter Frampton shivers down my spine.

Last December, "Heart" was headlining the Kennedy Center Honors for Led Zeppelin.

They rocked the house so hard, you would have thought it was Jimmy Page bobble head night, and the cover of Stairway To Heaven was so riveting, you could see Robert Plant holding back the "water works" in this video: