Like father, like son?  Kacy Clemens is the son of none other than Roger Clemens, and you will never guess where he has decided to follow in his famous Dad's footsteps?

In case you didn't prescribe to the "Rocket's" career, it ended up in Houston, after playing the eastern seaboard, with the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees.

His son, Kacy, will now begin his professional baseball career with the Texas Longhorns, just as daddy did 32 years ago.  Clemens was on the hill when the Longhorns took the '83 College World Series, and is hoping his son can take them back to Omaha (home of the NCAA College World Series).

Kacy Clemens was recently drafted by the Houston Astros in the 35th round of the Major League Amateur Baseball Draft.  He had eight wins and no losses this season at Houston's Memorial High School, and his earned run average was under "a buck ten".

No doubt, a great Father's Day gift for Roger Clemens.