The ageless wonders of Rock and Roll played L.A. over the weekend, but for the first time in six decades, the empty seats may have won the battle as ticket prices to see "The Rolling Stones" skyrocketed to ...

$600!!  No type-o here.  The "Stones", or at least the shows promoter, Anschutz Entertainment Group, felt that gouging the fans was acceptable.

Now, I can understand sticker shock ticket prices if the venue is on the verge of sellout, but upping the ante 500 percent, is like buying a high priced plane ticket on an airline that is only half full.

Lesson learned.  The buyers - er, us baby boomers, - were only willing to shell out $85 for the Grandfather, whoops, I mean the 50 and Counting tour - on leg one!

Still, when you hear reports that Rod Stewart fetches around $750, Elton John commands about $460, and heaven forbid you pay $430 per ticket for Barry Manilow, it kind of puts that six bills into perspective, I think.

Anyway, guitarist Ronnie Woods summed it up this way:

"We've already spent a million on rehearsing in Paris, and the stage is going to be another few million, and the lights.  We feel no bad thing about ticket prices.  We've got to make something."

Really, Ronnie?  A 'mil' to rehearse - in Paris!!  What are you guys rehearsing - after HALF A DECADE?