There always seems to be a scammer waiting to pounce on us when they feel our vulnerability, and with high cost of summer electric bills, beware of the "ring-ring" you get just before dinner time.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative is warning their customers to hit disconnect on any caller demanding immediate payment while threatening service disruption.

Here's the scoop.  The caller announces that the customer is delinquent, and unless the member pays immediately, electric service will be terminated at the end of the day.  The caller then advises to load the money on a prepaid money card, and to call back the scammer with the card number once the transaction is complete.

Did you get this type of telephone call?  Then, you should be on the horn pronto to 1-800-458-0381.

Remember, never give out any personal information to an incoming phoner unless you know for certain that the call is legitimate.  Hang up, then phone the company seeking to validate the incident.