Sammy Hagar says he believes that he and Eddie Van Halen will eventually patch up their differences and will "absolutely" work together again.

Your thoughts?

Sammy told they "made too good of music together, and had a great thing for a long time."

Hagar also said the rift wasn't just personal.  "There was a lot of outside forces," according to Hagar.  "Our manager died and a new guy came in, and he just totally divided the band and conquered us."

Hagar predicts the future.  He says, "I think there will come a time where Eddie's gonna wake up and go, 'Hey, man, I miss being friends with Sammy,' if nothing else, or, 'I would love to make that music again, or play those songs again.'…It's inevitable. If Eddie and [drummer Alex Van Halen] want to play music for the rest of their lives, someday they're gonna have to come and deal with me."

For now, Van Halen is concentrating their efforts with David Lee Roth.  Sammy Hagar is about to release a new album with Chickenfoot.  Stay tuned!