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You Do This 134 Times Every Day At Work
In addition to checking email every six minutes and switching back and forth among thirty applications, we do this one thing 134 times every day at work without even thinking about it. This right-click maneuver is so routine, we really could do it in our sleep.
Gingerbread House Fail!
We try it each year, and each year we fail at making pretty ribbons with the icing and properly spacing out the gumdrops. But this might have been the worst gingerbread house fail yet with the dog adding his own festive touch.
You'll Spend $500 on Dinners and Drinks During the Holidays
Just when your budget was about to bust after buying toys, necklaces, and flat screens this month, prepare to fully blow it up with fancy appetizers and booze. We'll put $537 toward socializing during the holidays. And you'll never guess which seasonal drink is the most popular.
The Real Cost of Driving Under the Influence in Texas
It sure would be a lot more fun to spend $20,000 on a car than it would be to spend that same amount on fines and legal costs after driving drunk in one. That's the real cost of a DWI in Texas, and it serves as a warning heading into a weekend full of holiday parties.
Your East Texas Holiday Tipping Guide
Most of us don't live buildings with a doorman so we can skip that, but we should be tipping landlords, delivery drivers, and handymen this holiday season.

How much? And how do we get the tip into the hands of the trash collector without getting run over?
The Story Behind Vander Esch's Celebration Wolf Howl
When Dallas Cowboys' linebacker, Leighton Vander Esch has reason to celebrate, he does it with a wolf howl and it's not by chance. It turns out he's got a long history with wolves, and that makes a unique celebration even better.
The Best Trees Have Ornaments With a Story
We'll probably walk past a hundred Christmas trees this season and never know the full story behind each ornament. The ones that have been hand-made by a relative can probably tell an important story if we take the time to ask.
You Cannot Go Wrong With This Gift
People that are the hardest to buy for will love this gift, and those that seem to have everything can always use one more. This Christmas present idea could solve all of your gift-giving problems.
Try Making a Fast-Food Favorite At Home
Taco Bell is bringing back its tasty Rolled Chicken Tacos, and I may have stumbled upon an alternative version that we can make at home, without the deep fryer. See what you think.
5 Things You Should Ask Alexa to Entertain Yourself
If you're only asking Alexa for the current temperature in Lufkin or the score of the most recent Texans' game, you're totally missing out. The possibilities are endless, and sometimes she fires back some pretty goofy surprises.
Your Odds Of Getting Punched on Black Friday Just Went Up
People in Texas are becoming a lot more ill-behaved over doorbuster deals. Our odds of seeing a fight break out on Black Friday just shot up, and at the same time, shoppers in Louisiana have become a lot more courteous and well-behaved. Prepare yourself.
Lufkin Salvation Army Needs Volunteers for Red Kettle Campaign
The official kickoff of the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign comes tomorrow at halftime of the Dallas Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day Game, but the Lufkin Salvation Army has already launched its efforts. And they need volunteers! This could be a great thing to do with your family this holiday sea…
Thanksgiving Dinner is Healthier Than You Think
If you over-indulge on Thanksgiving Day, at least you'll get an extra dose of protein and Vitamin A. There are some nutritional advantages to pigging out, and this might make us feel a little better about it.
Texas Drivers Can Help Break This Awful Streak
TxDOT says since Nov. 7, 2000, at least one person has died on Texas roadways every single day. That's 66-thousand deaths, and many of them could have been prevented. There are at least five things we can do to bring this horrible streak to an end.
The 3 Biggest Thanksgiving Dinner Mistakes
Forgetting to bring the canned cranberry sauce that you signed up for would be bad, but it's not the worst thing that could happen on Thanksgiving Day. There are three bigger Thanksgiving dinner faux pas that will leave your relatives hungry, grouchy, and well...not thankful.