Sometimes I like to share a personal moment with you that dares not be repeated in any organized gathering for fear my "tough as nails" reputation will be vanquished.

Among my many duties here at Q107, is to insure the coffee pot stays filled, the station vehicles have gas, and in the event the air-talent are too busy being celebrities, I'm called upon to be the runner! Now, I am not referring to the runner, as in the movie Logan's Run (incidentally, the movie was shot in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 1975).

Take for instance this morning, Dan P. from our sister station K-FOX, wanted a kolache from The Donut Place.

Being my first time there, Dan directed me "across the street" to the "white building".  Ended up at some automotive place thinking donuts were being made in a secret back room.  It wasn't until some big bruiser appeared from underneath a '66 Mustang (now that's a car!) and set me straight.  Then he was given a hearty thank you, with a parting comment of something along the line of "I'll return shortly to pick-up my bearclaw!  Funny thing (well, maybe not so funny), he didn't laugh at my joke.

A happy ending nonetheless, even if it was an unsatisfactory performance in Dan's eyes.  All he really knows is that I was gone for over 45 minutes, but my "tough as nails" Rep, although vigorously tested, still remains intact.

Unless, you tattle on me!

Stay tuned next week for another far more embarrassing saga of my life.  One hint:  It has to do with barbecuing and the fire department.