Some of you grew up with Paul McCartney before he became famous.  The one who began a career in music back in 1957 with John Lennon's skiffle band, the Quarrymen.

The most recognized McCartney legacy is likely that of being one of the four mop-top "Beatles" of the sixties.

My real first McCartney influence came in 1972.  Remember this classic (and what really was this song about?):

"Wings" formed in 1971 with Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney and ex-Moody Blues guitarist and singer, Denny Laine.  Even though the band engaged in a revolving door of musicians, they managed to comprise 12 top ten singles in a ten year run culminating in 1981.

And lastly, the "solo" McCartney, which is still alive and well today; celebrating 70 candles on his birthday cake.

Happy Birthday, Paul!