The tech company Cisco Systems predicts something we all probably knew was coming. Within the next 5 years, the number of smart phones on earth will eclipse the number of people living here.

We're just sharing the planet with smartphones!

By 2016, tech giant Cisco Systems estimates there will be 10 billion smartphones and tablets being used on Earth. The world population by that same year, according to the United Nations, will be 7.3 billion.

If you bought a smartphone in 2011 you weren't alone. There were 490 million of them purchased last year.

Where are all these smart phones going? Who will own them in the future....babies? There will be enough.

It looks like people are owning more than one device. The number of mobile gadgets for every person on Earth in 2016 will equal 1.4.

Most people will be watching videos on those smartphones. The percentage of mobile traffic dedicated to watching videos on portable devices by 2016 will hit 71 percent, up 25 percent from today.

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