When I went to college at the University of Nebraska, I can remember walking out of my journalism building into a puff of smoke. Smokers would congregate outside after class to have a quick drag before the next class. That may be a thing of the past.

More and more schools now are banning smoking on campus, including one local college.

Angelina College announced yesterday they're banning smoking on campus this fall. That includes the entire campus and all off-campus centers. All will be 100 percent tobacco-free. Smoking will not be allowed on-campus at any location except within the confines of a private vehicle. That means students will have to smoke up the car before class, or skip it all together.

Angelina College has had some smoke-free buildings for awhile now, but after talking with students and other schools, decided to implement the campus-wide ban.

The University of Texas also put a smoking ban in place earlier this year, joining schools like Wisconsin, Illinois, and just this week - West Virginia.

Smokers sure don't have many places to light up anymore. Do you think it will encourage more smokers to quit?