Just when we were feeling a little unsexy with all of the "ya alls," our southern accent has been picked as the sexiest in the country!  That's according to Cupid.com.

It turns out, our southern drawl is sexier that accents in New York, Wisconsin, and Boston.  But then, we've like our goofy southern sayings and the "fixins" better all along.

I'm from Nebraska originally, and Cornhuskers always think of themselves as accent--less people.  And yet folks tell me there is a little bit of Nebraska that comes out when I talk.  Perhaps they're right.  The Midwest accent is seventh on the list.  New York and New England are in the top five.

Remember, Cupid.com is a dating website.  It surveyed its members for input on the which accents are the most attractive when it comes to dating.  So if you're single with a southern accent, the odds are in your favor.  Work that accent!