Former Journey lead singer, Steve Perry, says vinyl is making a comeback.

Perry's 1984 solo debut, Street Talk, was reissued on high-quality vinyl last week, and a new best-of collection titled Journey's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 hit stores on both CD and vinyl.

Steve talked to ABC News Radio about it and said, "There's a very, very big interest again and a resurgence of people buying turntables and playing vinyl. It kind of went away for a while but it's coming back, and I think one of the because of the sound quality."

We've mentioned other artists (like the Rolling Stones) that are planning vinyl issues or re-issues next Friday as Black Friday shoppers support National Record Store Day. Look for others to follow suit, since it's old-school-cool.

One more thing on Steve Perry...he hasn't released any new material since 1984, but says he's been writing again and something new could be in the works. Vinyl perhaps? Stay tuned!

Just don't expect a Journey reunion featuring Steve Perry. More on that HERE.