When I reflect back on all the Science courses I took in high school, Astronomy had to be my favorite.  Probably because I was completely lost in Biology.

It was the solar system catching my eye, rather, it was easy to memorize the planets, distances from the sun, and some of the "moons" associated with those planets.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was recently assigned to handle a newly discovered Pluto "moon" originally called P5.  The IAU is required to name all new "moons" after Greek and Roman persona's, but in this case, it's a mythological river forming the boundary between the living and the dead, that grabs top billing.  And the name of that river - Styx!

Tommy Shaw, upon hearing the news chimed in by saying, "Styx is proud to accept this new heavenly chart position as we add orbiting Pluto to our ever expanding touring map."

Here's a Classic Rock Styx favorite of mine from 1978: