You would think that summer began in East Texas last year around Christmas time.  Balmy, along with warmer than normal temps, and the steady rumbling of the A/C unit, was plenty enough to suggest we were reeling from "the other summer" (winter), even if the calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen had pictures of snowflakes, icicles, and polar bears.

The Summer Solstice arrives on Wednesday (June 20), and is so named because according to the gods of astronomy, it is the longest day of the year from sunup to sundown.  When the Sun reaches its farthest point north of the equator, and the phraseology "high noon" has more significant meeting than a shoot-out in from of the saloon.

6:09 P.M.  -  That's the official welcoming time for Summer.  So, for those of you that cannot get enough heat, I'm sure you will find the solstice - a somewhat cliche - sunsational!