Found a couple Texas sized mosquito bites on my body over the weekend, and the itching is driving me bananas, so I did some research to share with those of you wondering why that tube of "Preparation H" isn't working on my skin bumps.

The good news here guys, is that it is only the Female mosquito sucking your blood like Dracula.  Let me give you some fast home remedies to remedy "The Seven Year Itch" once and for all.

(1) Apply roll-on antiperspirant to the bite.  It's the aluminum salts in the under-arm reducing the swelling and decreasing the need to scratch.

(2) Soak a wash cloth in very hot water, then apply to the bite for about 60 seconds and repeat multiple times.  Inflammation should recede, and you could be itch free for a couple hours before doing the process all over again.

(3) Putting some scotch tape on the bite for a couple hours, will speed up the recovery time of the swelling and prevent you from scratching the affected area.

It's too bad I had to scratch the skin off of my arms and legs before learning these techniques, but here's hoping you can benefit from the dreaded Texas mosquito bite: