babe of the day

Alessandra Lopez — Babe of the Day
Alessandra Lopez is a 24-year-old model from Miami Beach, Fla. In addition to her modeling work, Alessandra has been a professional dancer for the Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers. Truth: Alessandra might be one of the few reasons to go see those teams… well, her and the fish tanks.
Jessenia Vice — Babe of the Day
Jessenia Vice is a 28-year-old model from Elizabeth, N.J. You know those curvy, beautiful women you see writhing around on floors, cars and rappers in music videos? That's Jessenia Vice.
Sonny Frazier — Babe of the Day
Never in our lives have we ever wanted to hitchhike as badly as we do right now, while looking at this picture of 25-year-old model Sonny Frazier. We do not care where she is going. We will go.

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