A Baby Changes Everything for the Rangers’ Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus became a father last summer, so the off season has been full of spit up, late-night feedings, and smelly diaper changes. Glamorous! But Rangers fans can be excited knowing that Elvis expects fatherhood to make him an even better player this season.
The Dallas Zoo Hatches a Baby Penguin
Doesn't it seem like animals reproduce and give birth all the time, and that it should be so routine that it's barely noticed?  Maybe that's the case in the wild, but when a baby is born in a zoo it's a big deal and a high five moment for the staff.
The Royal Baby Gets Name! [VIDEO]
Back in my day, baby names were already selected BEFORE baby was born (at least this is what my parents had told me).  Today, more than ever, you hear more stories of the baby arriving...first!
Rocker Chris Robinson’s Ex, Expecting
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Kate Hudson has a son, Ryder, with Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes.  And just announced this month... she's expecting a baby with her new man, Matt Bellamy of Muse.