This Is the Only Way to Catch a Baseball
We really weren't that excited about baseball season starting until we saw this video. Now we are filled with a burning desire to go to a game, catch a ball in a cup of beer, chug the beer and hold the ball in our mouth.
Texas Among the Baseball Teams with the Most Expensive Food
It's opening day for most Major League Baseball teams, and it's time to talk about the important baseball things; like the food!
Have you tried that $26 hot dog at the Texas Rangers' stadium?  That hot dog dubbed the "Boomstick," is a 2-foot-long beef hot dog, smothered in chili, nacho chee…
Hudson has Local Tie to the World Series
The past two years, Texas has had a team to cheer for in the World Series. The third time was not the charm for the Texas Rangers, but we can still cheer for an East Texas native who will be making his first World Series appearance tonight when the San Francisco Giants take on the Detroit Tigers.
Texas Rangers Fans are On Edge Today
Even if you’re not particularly a baseball fan, you may appreciate the drama today. It’s making national news.
The Texas Rangers have been leading their division almost the whole baseball season, and now after 161 games, the Rangers and A’s have identical records, and today’s game will decide who the…
Roger Clemens Curbs Retirement, Now Pitching In Texas
His overall stats are impressive, as was his dominance of major league hitters.  Cooperstown, however, may be in the rear view mirror for Roger Clemens, who was alleged to have use steroids during his professional career.
Debuting in 1984, the "Rocket", as he is known, compiled a 354-184 re…
Lufkin Little Leaguers Get Ready for Regional
The Lufkin Little League baseball team may not be watching the Little League World Series at home on the couch this year. A few more wins, and they'll make the trip to Williamsport to play for a title. Do you think we have some future Major Leaguers brewin'...

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