Dwight Howard Quits Lakers, Calls Himself Houston Rocket
Over the weekend our Houston Rockets took a huge leap of faith towards winning an NBA championship, when they learned by tweet, that the well traveled Dwight Howard was signing with them.  Sure hope 'DH' let the team know of his intentions prior to unleashing his decision.
Some Bosses Think March Madness Boosts Morale
Much of the first part of this week will not be spent concentrating hard on deadlines and meetings at the office.  Instead, big chunks of time will be spent online, filling out brackets for the NCAA tournament.
It's not just a guy thing....many women are on board with the bracketology at the office, …
‘Linsanity’ Coming To Houston [VIDEO]
Are you a basketball fan?  If not, then strike the "enter" button and kindly move on to the next story.
Can't help being somewhat overjoyed with the Houston Rocket acquisition of Jeremy Lin.  The New York Knicks loss the way I see it.  Now Lin can play B-Ball wit…
Blake Griffin Is A Beast [VIDEO]
Phoenix Suns' head coach Alvin Gentry labeled the dunk Los Angeles Clippers' rookie Blake Griffin threw down over Suns' center Marcin Gortat on Sunday as "impressive of a dunk as I have seen in the NBA in 23 years."
Unfortunately for Griffin, the dunk didn't count, since he was called for a…
NCAA Tournament’s Field Of 68
The Big East snagged a record 11 spots for the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, including a one seed in the Southeast region for Pittsburgh, who had been the Big East's  regular season champions.
Rounding out the top seeds were the defending NCAA champions Duke Blue Devils in the…
2011 Slam Dunk Contest Highlights [VIDEO]
Did you watch the All-Star game and the dunk contest this weekend? Impressive!
Here are some highlights from Saturday night's slam dunk contest, where Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers defeated JaVale McGee with 68% of the votes.
NBA All-Star Game
A gallery featuring some of the highlights of Sunday's NBA All-Star Game. The West, led by Kobe Bryant won 148-143 against the Lebron James-led East team. With approximately 9.1 million viewers, it was the highest rated NBA All-Star Game since 2003, when Michael Jordan made his last appearance.…

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