Need a Stocking Stuffer Idea? Try Beer From Concentrate
When we're in the mood for lemonade or peach tea, there are packets of powder available that miraculously transform our bottled water into our drink of choice just by adding a little drink packet and mixing it up.
Is it possible to do that with beer...
Mosquitoes Love You More After You’ve Had a Few
As much as one 12-ounce bottle of beer can make you more mosquitoes.
The experts say drinking increases the amount of ethanol excreted in sweat and it increases body temperature, but that's not exactly what attracts the pests.
How to Keep Beer Cold; The Secret Revealed!
I always do my best to keep you updated on what's happening in the world of beer, and today I found a nice little nugget that might help keep you happy at your outdoor barbecues this summer.
What's the best way exactly, to keep that beer cold?  It may not matter so much with subsequent…
Budweiser To Change The Shape of Beer Cans
Oh no!  Someone is messing with your beer!
Anheuser Busch has announced they'll change the shape of Budweiser beer cans starting May 6th, and they'll start selling the new bowtie-shaped cans in 8-packs.
Imagine if you will, that the can will be in the form of that red Budweiser logo see…
This Is the Only Way to Catch a Baseball
We really weren't that excited about baseball season starting until we saw this video. Now we are filled with a burning desire to go to a game, catch a ball in a cup of beer, chug the beer and hold the ball in our mouth.

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