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Brett Favre Retiring…For Real? [VIDEO]
Have my prayers been answered? Are my dreams (and many others I'm sure) come true?
Retirement rumors have swirled around Minnesota Vikings star Brett Favre a few times before, but this time, they might actually be true. Sources have told FOX Sports that Favre has filed retirement papers that …
Brett Favre Dances to “Ice Ice Baby” [VIDEO]
Man, this guy can’t get away with anything. Brett Favre decided to bust some awesome dance moves (we’re talking Vanilla Ice caliber stuff here, folks) and instead of saving his reputation, it ends up on YouTube and we all laugh. Tough break...
NFL Fines Brett Favre
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has fined Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 on Wednesday for failing to cooperate with the league's investigration over the sexting scandal with former NY Jets employee, Jenna Sterger.
Brett Favre Needs To Retire
After a record 297 consecutive starts over 19 seasons, Brett Favre finally made a smart decision, and took a seat on the Vikings bench.
The 41-year-old NFL quarterback, who has fought through broken bones, aches and pains and personal media controversies to play each week this season, experiences t…