East Texas Thief Makes National News
1. It’s probably not a good idea to rob a house.
2. If you’re going to rob a house it’s probably not a good idea to help yourself to the Chef Boyardee Ravioli in the cabinet before you leave.
This happened in Lakeport, south of Longview and east of Kilgo…
Thieves Hit Lufkin Business That Caters to Kids
Who would rob kids of the opportunity to jump, bounce, and have fun?
A Lufkin business is trying to figure out how to move on after being hit by burglars. The Print Shack on N. Raguet Street in Lufkin was robbed last week, and the thieves took about $50,000 worth of bounce houses and equipment that …
Texas Woman Stops Burglary With…Paint Ball Gun!? [VIDEO]
Are you ready for the newest self protection weapon to battle the bad guys?  Look no further than your local retailer for that all important, kick butt weapon, designed to make criminals think twice about their actions.  It may be big and bulky, but in the dead of night, a paint ball gun i…