A Teen Represents Texas at CrossFit Competition
Some police academies use CrossFit training programs to get in shape.  It's rigorous, exhausting, and a great way to challenge your body and whip it into great shape.
A 14-year old Austin girl knows first hand how hard it is, and how great it feels to watch the hard work pay off.
Fastest-Growing County in the US is in Texas
One look around Texas at all the construction and it's easy to guess that Texas is a fast-growing state.  It's the second-largest in population now, and one Texas county beats all the others in the nation for the number of people who are moving to it.
What’s The Difference Between Texas and California
Had some friends from California contact me last night, and I sure do appreciate them going "old school" and actually using the phone to CALL.  That's right, they didn't E-mail, and they didn't send me that dreaded 250 word text message that I'm usually try…
Gas is Cheap in Lufkin, By Comparison Anyway
Sure, California has its benefits. The weather is gorgeous, movie stars abound, and there are plenty of hotties walking up and down the street.
But how can anyone afford to live there? Be glad you live in East Texas, where drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest gas in the country...