5 Monthly Bills Wiped Out When You Win Cash With Us
Today is the first day that you've got a chance to win a whole lot of money with us, and this could completely wipe out several of your monthly bills. Like the average car payment that's $515 bucks a month! Wouldn't it be nice to have that gone? There could be a bunch more fun mone…
Most Texans Don’t Carry Cash
It was fun while it lasted, but finding that surprise 5-dollar bill in the pocket of some old jeans is becoming more rare. Lots of Texans are opting not to carry any cash at all, and if we do have paper money in our wallets it's probably less than $25
Ten Things We’re Likely to Spend Too Much Money On
I have a friend who is planning a wedding right now, and although she's looking forward to the big day, she has expressed doubts about why in the heck she's spending so much money on one event.  She said, "All this money is going out the door and for what?  A big party?"  Look at it this w…