KFC’s Secret Recipe May Not Be a Secret Anymore
Rather than stop by the KFC restaurant on South Timberland Drive, what if you could concoct that famous KFC flavor at home?
One of the most highly-guarded recipes of all time might be traveling around the internet as we speak.
Chicken Purchased in East Texas May Have Dirt In It
To say the least, it's not ideal to lift a freshly sauced and grilled chicken wing to your mouth and taste dirt and sand.  That puts a damper on the back yard party.
There's one company recalling its products now over worries about sand and black soil in the chicken. And ther…
Where’s The Chicken in East Texas?
This is one of those sidebar stories that simply tickles the funny bone, rather I should say, the "Chicken Bone".
I was at Wal-Mart in Center one night, and felt like some chicken for dinner.  It was about 7:30pm.  Upon approaching the deli counter I noticed there was no hot chicken.  Went …