Halloween Candy Has a Shelf Life Ya Know
It turns out that candy doesn't last forever.
But raise your hand if you have Halloween candy left over from last Halloween. Yep!
Most Halloween candy has an official shelf life, and it's not "infinity," or "til it's gone." How fast do we have to eat …
These Gifts Are Taboo On Valentine’s Day…Really?
Just a couple of days ago I read the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day include chocolates, flowers, and jewelry.  And today I read that those gifts are not a good idea because they don't prove how much you love your sweetie; they just prove that you're good at getting what everyone else gets at…
Texas Chocolate Maker Creates Chocolate Shoes
Don't know what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day?  How about a chocolate shoe!
Most women love fancy shoes, and some will pay more than a car payment for a coveted pair.
Then there are others of us who prefer a comfy pair of sneakers over the fancy pumps.  But we still like chocolate.
Big chunks…