How Do You Talk to the Kids When the Dog is Dying?
This is the worst part of pet ownership.  We've learned that Harry has major health issues and he's in noticeable pain, and we're faced with that big decision that no dog owner wants to make.  How do you talk to the kids about what's coming?
A Study Shows Most Ghosts Are Male
Don't ask me how they've verified this.  I don't think I want to know.
But some paranormal researchers have done their homework, and they've decided that most ghosts are male.
Bridge Collapse on I-35 North of Austin Was Sudden and Deadly
If you've spent any time on I-35 between Dallas and Austin, you know it's one of the most congested stretches of roadway in the entire country.  When any type of accident happens is ties up the roadway for miles.  With Thursday's bridge collapse, drivers were taking a detour…

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