Comedy Extraordinare Phyllis Diller Dead at 95 [VIDEO]
For those of us oldsters, not only was "groovy", "right on" , and "far out" part of our early vernacular, but yet another phrase that comes to mind, that today is considered passe, is "lounge act".
She was one of the very few who could wear cosmetic surgery to …
Famed Film Director ‘Tony Scott’ Takes His Own Life [VIDEO]
While he may have been behind the lens instead of starring in front of the camera, Tony Scott was a Hollywood giant when it came to his trade.
His name may not be recognizable, except for those in the tinsel town who's who, but his Director status for such hits as "Beverly Hills Cop II", Ma…
Sherman Hemsley Found Dead
George Jefferson is moving on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Sherman Hemsley, the actor who portrayed the combative, but lovable George Jefferson on the sitcom 'The Jeffersons,' has died.
TV Icon Andy Griffith Dead at 86 [VIDEO]
I would like to believe that going hand in hand with classic rock is classic television.  The two really are inseparable when it comes comparing great programming to over-the-top musical artistry.
The "Skipper" couldn't do it without "Gilligan", "Jimi" couldn't do it wit…
Robin Gibb Dead at 62
Robin Gibb, one-third of the legendary Gibb Brothers  better known to the world as the Bee Gees, has passed away today (May 20) at the age of 62. The news was given via an official statement:

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