The 4th of July Freaks Out Dogs
Is your dog spending the next few days shaking in the corner, or hiding under the bed?  Mine too.  The fireworks are a blast for everyone except the pups.
Angelina County Humane Society Offers Low Cost Rabies Shots
If you don't have your dog or cat vaccinated for rabies, now is a great time to do it. Positive rabies cases are popping up in several counties across Texas in animals including skunks and raccoons, and to avoid the risk pets should have the shots.
Earlier this year an airdrop program put tiny packet…
92 Dogs Dumped on Texas Roadways
Sure do hope the Humane Society of North Texas catches the coward(s) who left 92 dogs to fend for themselves along country roads.
Let me be blunt.  Find these people responsible (there is a $500 reward being offered), and I will personally drive them to a secluded location on California State Route 1…

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