Texas is Among the Drunkest States
Sure, we might have a few drinks while watching the Cowboys or Texans, but does that really mean Texas is a drunk state?
People spend good money and valuable time figuring these things out.
And they learned that Texas likes to party.  But check out where our neighbors in Louisiana ended up.
Note to Guys; Ladies Aren’t Impressed with Drunkenness
Just in case you're working on impressing a new love this weekend, I thought I'd pass along some helpful tidbits from a new Vanity Fair/60 Minutes poll.
Here's what women say about when they're not so impressed with their man.
Hint - don't booze it up too much at the big 4th o…
Fill in the Blank: “Alcohol Makes Me Better At…”
It's no secret that alcohol strips away inhibitions.  Maybe there are a few things that you can't do sober, but once you have a few beers you're an expert and ready to enter a national competition.
Like pool.  I don't drink much anymore because it gives me migraines, but back in the day I was a pool …
Pat Sajack Hosted Wheel of Fortune Drunk
Pat Sajack would like to buy a vowel with a shot of Jack Daniels as a chaser. The long time ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host mentioned during a radio interview that he did more than a few shows under the influence.
In the early days of the show, there was a lot of time to kill between set changes, so Sajak an…