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Missing East Texas Man Gets National Attention
28-year old Alfred Wright went missing in Sabine County in November, and his body was found there about three weeks later. His family wonders whether it may be a cover-up.
In case you missed it last night on CNN's AC 360, we've posted the segment here, about the death of an East Texas man..…
East Texas Town Welcomes Filming for a New Bigfoot Movie
Does Bigfoot really exist?  If it does, East Texas might be its home, and many Bigfoot seekers have come here looking for clues, many of which have ended up on Youtube.
Now you may be seeing your friends and acquaintances from East Texas in a new movie about the legend or reality of Bigfoot, dependin…
Chinese Rocket Disintegrates Over East Texas
If you happened to be awake at 3:15am on Wednesday, perhaps you saw the streams of fire that streaked across the sky, and produced what looked like a cross between fireworks and a meteor shower as it moved away.
Dozens of people reported seeing it over East Texas and Louisiana, and the American Meteo…
NASA Disaster Originated Ten Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
At 7:59 a.m., on the morning of February 1st, 2003, first came the sounds, and then after the news reports and the scattered debris, the realization that East Texas had been engraved in history as one of the sites of the worst disasters in NASA’s history.
Lufkin Panthers Headed to State 5 A Playoffs
It's High School Football Playoff time again and the Lufkin Panthers have secured their spot in the the District 14-5 A competition. They're in a 3-way tie for first place in their division with The Woodlands and A & M Consolidated.  They will play Spring Dekaney on Friday, No…
Area Pumpkin Patches Open for the Season
It’s the time of year when the fall colors make for some great photo opps! We took the kids to a pumpkin patch last weekend and snapped a couple of good pics.
This photo turned out great, but what you don’t see is the moment before and the moment after the picture was snapped. This is just that one, …
Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested in East Texas
Daryl Hannah is perhaps best known for her role opposite Tom Hanks in Splash, and she was beloved in Steel Magnolias.
More recently she's become involved in political protests, and that led to her arrest yesterday right here in East Texas, in Wood County. She was released last night from the Woo…

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