Can You Access Facebook at Work or Is It Blocked?
A new chart from Statista shows about 1 in 5 people cannot access Facebook at work.
Employers are blocking the site as a way of boosting productivity, because if there is no Facebook at work there is more time to make phone calls, file papers, put together presentations, and do the things that every …
Lufkin Police Use Facebook to Catch a Criminal
Be careful what you post on Facebook.  Anyone can see it, including police.
Ja'Bryant Davis is accused of breaking into Screen Geeks off of John Redditt Drive in Lufkin on September 5th and stealing phones.
Then later, Lufkin police noticed on his Facebook page that he asked if anyone wanted…
#1 Site Trending on Twitter Wednesday was Myspace
Myspace used to be a favorite choice for social media goers, and then Facebook came along and sort of squashed it.  Some stayed with Myspace - in fact it's always been a great place for bands and musicians to connect with fans - but many jumped ship for other sites.
Myspace invaded Twitter …
A Guy Plans to Personally Meet Every One of His Facebook Friends
Perhaps you've never met most of your Facebook friends.  We have a feeling you're not alone.  One guy is setting out to change that.
And we must say, even though we may not have personally met each and every one of you, we love and adore you just the same!
There's a guy in Connecticut who has set out …
Got the Flu? There’s An App For That.
If you haven't had the flu yet this season, good for you! It has hit hard and fast in East Texas this year, and the CDC officially classifies the Texas flu intensity as "high."
Some people that have had flu shots are still getting the flu. My whole family was knocked out by the flu for …
How Many Friends Post Unflattering Facebook Pics?
Most of us have done it. We’ve posted a picture to our Facebook profiles and tagged a friend, and that picture doesn’t exactly show the friend’s best side. Sometimes it’s a drunk photo, sometimes it’s goofy, and sometimes friends just don’t like it and say, “why in the world did you post THAT? My ha…

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