Texas Lakes Are Calling: Free Fishing Day
There's a day coming up that gives us all the chance to fish without worrying about pay the license fee.  Even if we don't catch anything, it's still a great opportunity to relax by the water, have some cold beverages, and eat snacks.  And the Texas lakes will be full and re…
Texas Fisherman Is Surprised When It’s A Shark On The Line
Ok fishermen, have you ever reeled in a catch as big as your truck?  You anglers get a bad rap for your tendency to exaggerate just how big the catch was, but this 800-pound monster was no exaggeration.  Seriously!  A San Antonio man hauled in this monster last weekend.
June 25th Celebrates What Type of Fish?
Stop the presses!  Cancel all previously scheduled activities!  Use a sick day!  Mark your calendar!
A day like no other day is about to make landfall.  A cultural event so stimulating that even your family and friends will be envious if they don't pa…
Nacogdoches Has a Fishing Champ
Josh Haddox of Nacogdoches is a champ! Josh goes to school at Texas A&M and is part of a fishing team there with Timothy Temple of Bryan, TX. The two just won the National Guard FLW College Fishing Southern Conference event on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma over the weekend.
Call it beginner's luck, s…
375 Lbs. Shark Jumps Into Texas Fisherman’s Boat [VIDEO]
Some may say that Texas fisherman Jason Kresse caught a shark, but when the 375-lb. sea creature jumped into his boat early last Monday, it kind of caught him instead.
The 29-year-old Freeport resident was out fishing for a red snapper with two coworkers about 50 miles off the Gulf of Mexico coast wh…