This Flu Hits Fast
One minute she was doing her homework and playing, and within an hour or two she was complaining of being cold and achy, so I took her temperature. It was 104.4! What happened next taught me something.
Flu Season Hits Hard in Texas
If you talked yourself into getting a flu shot in September or October when the vaccines first came out, good for you! Hopefully you're flu-free and feeling good right now.
It’s Fall, and That Means School, Football, and Time for Shots!
Fall is a busy time with the start of school and football games to attend.  And when the weather finally cools off, Texas gets going with fairs and festivals and outdoor fun that was put on hold while the weather was too hot.
There's one more thing to put on the to-do list this fall.  Get your shots!…
Got the Flu? There’s An App For That.
If you haven't had the flu yet this season, good for you! It has hit hard and fast in East Texas this year, and the CDC officially classifies the Texas flu intensity as "high."
Some people that have had flu shots are still getting the flu. My whole family was knocked out by the flu for …
Flu Cases Up in Texas
Maybe it's not just the effects of the New Year's Eve drinks that you're feeling today. Many people in East Texas are sick with something other than the "brown bottle flu" right now.
Flu cases are up in Texas. Emergency rooms from Dallas to Lufkin to Houston are saying they're seeing more…