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Texas Mugshots Are Not the Happiest Ones
There comes a point during the arrest process where you've got to make a decision.
To smile or not to smile?
It turns out, Texans aren't too cheery in mug shots overall.  See which state does have the happiest ones, and how Texas compares.
Remember When These Used to Be Swear Words?
When you really want to vent some frustration, "Fiddlesticks!" probably doesn't cut it.  Actually, my grandma used to use that one and then she would crack herself up and start laughing, and whatever it was that had upset her was long gone.  So I guess it worked.
The Huffington Post put out…
National Site Notices Austin
Austin is a pretty cool city.  Most of us have spent quite a bit of time there, or at the very least we've visited Town Lake and seen the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.
The Huffington Post gave some ink to Austin on Thursday, and mentioned some places that are a little more off-the-beaten path …