People Are Putting Ice Cubes In Cereal
We can't get online without seeing pictures of food, but there's something new that's popping up alongside the photos of double cheeseburgers and Cuban sandwiches. One of the craziest new food trends is to put ice cubes in cereal.  Hmm.  What's the benefit?
Watch Ice Melt Off a Frozen Pipe
This is why I love the internet. The mundane things in life can get half a million views on Youtube.
Have you ever seen ice melt off of a frozen pipe? We don't get that much ice in Texas, but growing up in Nebraska things were covered in ice from November through March and I never bothered to …
Will This Be The Last Wintry Day Of The Season?
Surely spring is not far off.
Today is a good day to stay inside and watch the Olympics.   And if you're outside, your shoes just might turn into skis on the pavement.  Watch out for slick spots.
A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for many Deep East Texas counties through Wednesd…
How To Make Fire From Ice [VIDEO]
Well I was doing my daily browsing of the interwebs when I came across this video that might come in handy if you're ever stranded in an icy wilderness, or you just want to burn some ants and you don't have a magnifying glass.