Texting and Walking Injuries Increase!
If you've had a mishap with texting and walking, you're not alone.
I was texting and pushing a grocery cart once, and smacked into someone turning up the cereal aisle.  I got a dirty look!  But no fine or citation.  Do you think we'll see a law against texting and walking soon?  I'll tell you what th…
Ozzy Osbourne Injured in House Fire
A fire at Ozzy Osbourne's Beverly Hills house early this morning (Jan. 17) caused him to require medical treatment. His wife and manager Sharon told the story on her show, 'The Talk,' while also revealing that he had an undisclosed procedure performed on his hand on Wednesday. Neither…
Houston Player Critical After Freak Injury
Doctors say it was a freak injury that they don’t usually see in football.
University of Houston cornerback DJ Hayden collided with another player in practice Tuesday, and the force of the hit tore a vein that carries blood from the lower half of the body back to the heart. The injury…
Get Well Soon Josh
The Texas Rangers public relations department says Josh Hamilton has been hospitalized with pneumonia.