Researchers Prove Women Are Getting Smarter
This will give you something to argue about tonight at dinner.
For the first time in the history of IQ testing, psychologists say women have a higher IQ than men. We KNEW it, right ladies? Why are women getting smarter?
Texas Tax Free Shopping Weekend Set for August
Lufkin Mall will be packed the weekend of August 17-19. That’s the time frame for this year’s Sales Tax Holiday shopping weekend.
Us gals don’t often need an excuse to shop. We’ll fight the crowds in search of a good deal any old weekend. But just in case you do need an excuse to swipe your credit ca…
Junior League of Lufkin Helps Kids Get Fit
Kids get a bad wrap sometimes for being lazy and out of shape, but we know not all kids are lying on the couch, eating chips, and playing video games. We've seen lots of East Texas kids swimming this summer, playing baseball and softball, and even eating an occasional veggie.
To continue promoting h…
Beware of the Latest Nacogdoches County Utility Scam
The criminals never stop thinking do they?  Always looking for an easy buck while targeting innocent humans simply trying to follow the law.
According to the Texas Attorney General's office, the latest scam striking Nacogdoches County "claims that Americans can get federa…
Don’t Make These Resume Goofs
If your email address is "drunkpartychick@something.com" or "jeffreydahmerwannabe@serialkillers.com," you ought not include it on a resume.
Including raunchy and inappropriate email addresses is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on your resume when you'…
Lamp-Lite’s Theatre ‘Annie’, Coming To Nacogdoches [VIDEO]
Whether it's a full scale Broadway production, television special, film release, or Community Theatre performance, the plot has remained the same since 1977, when the original 'Annie' debuted to audiences with all the pomp and circumstance it was billed at.
I've had the pleasure of seeing this show s…
What’s Next for Lon Morris College?
With much restructuring this summer, there may have been some doubt about whether there really would be a "back to school" at Lon College in Jacksonville.
Back in May, the president resigned and most of the faculty and staff was furloughed. Then two weeks ago the college filed for Chapter …
Would You Be Part of a Wife-Carrying Competition in Lufkin?
These athletes are serious! Check out the video for the recent wife-carrying contest, won for the 4th time by a couple from Finland.
It got me thinking, what if we organized a similar event in Lufkin? Husbands, are you strong enough to pile your wives on your shoulders and carry her over hurdles an…
Staycation? Here Are Some Ideas Around Lufkin and Nacogdoches
Sure it's great to jet off to an exotic location in the summertime and sit by a resort swimming pool and sip beverages with umbrellas in them. But since Hawaii is not on everyone's agenda or in all of our budgets, we've come up with some other ideas to have fun closer to home, and ma…
How Many Friends Post Unflattering Facebook Pics?
Most of us have done it. We’ve posted a picture to our Facebook profiles and tagged a friend, and that picture doesn’t exactly show the friend’s best side. Sometimes it’s a drunk photo, sometimes it’s goofy, and sometimes friends just don’t like it and say, “why in the world did you post THAT? My ha…

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